Icon films was founded in the early months of 2013, by the creative production team behind Domino Productions.

The company is enthusiastically continuing to provide production services for the same distinguished clients such as: Academy Films, MJZ, Anonymous Content, Blink, Stink TV, RSA, Markenfilm, Wanda Productions, Quad, Smuggler, Skunk, Tony Petersen Films, etc.

This ongoing collaboration has been the source of some of the commercials on this website, all of which were put together with the help of Icon films producers and the top filming crew in the country.

While Romania has evolved in recent years as a trustworthy and interesting shooting location, Icon Films has continued the tradition of hard work to help meet the expectations of directors like Jonathan Glazer, Dougal Wilson, Adam Berg, Adam Hashemi, Nicolai Fuglsig, Brian Beletic, Jeff Nichols, John Hillcoat and many others.